June 2018


unri.ac.id After taking leave together with the Eid al-Fitr 1439 Hijri holiday, the University of Riau (Unri) held the First Day of Work Ceremony as well as Halal Bi Halal in the Unri environment, Thursday (21/6) in the courtyard of the UR Rectorate Building. This activity was attended by all State Civil Apparatuses (ASN) consisting of Civil Servants (PNS) and Contract Workers, both from...
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unri.ac.id The Academic Community of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Riau (FT-Unri) participated in supporting Unri in creating a conducive campus environment, Friday (8/6) in the lobby of the FT Unri Dean Building. This support was expressed in the form of a declaration supporting Riau University in strongly condemning acts of terrorism, rejecting the notion of radicalism and intolerance, as well as the use of illegal drugs on June 4, 2018. Source: PR...
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unri.ac.id “In this month of Ramadan 1439 Hijri, we make this momentum an opportunity for us to share with others. In addition, some of the assets that we have are other people's rights that we must give to them," said the Rector of the University of Riau (Unri) Prof. Dr. Ir Aras Mulyadi DEA, who was represented by the Head of...
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unri.ac.id Thursday, (7/6) The process of selecting the candidate for Chancellor of the University of Riau (Unri) for the 2018-2022 period has completed the screening stage consisting of the delivery of the vision, mission, and work program, as well as the stage of evaluating and determining the candidate for the chancellor. In the assessment and determination process which was carried out through voting at the Unri Senate Closed Meeting, three candidates for the Unri Chancellor were elected. Source: PR University...
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unri.ac.id The success of students in completing education and becoming qualified graduates is a measure of the success of higher education institutions in carrying out the education and learning process. One of the core successes of this education depends on the ability of educators to carry out the educational curriculum in each study program. This was conveyed by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the University of Riau (Unri) Prof. Dr. Ir Thamrin MSc,...
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unri.ac.id Riau University (Unri) carried out a joint declaration with the academic community and Unri students, strongly condemning acts of terrorism, rejecting the notion of radicalism and intolerance, and the use of illegal drugs. The declaration activity of the academic community was carried out in the courtyard of the Unri Rectorate building, Monday (4/6) which was attended by the leadership of universities, faculties, institutions, units, student institutions, as well as the Riau Police Chief Inspector General Pol...
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unri.ac.id “To strengthen the values of the philosophy of life of the Indonesian people and as a foundation in the life of the state, the University of Riau (Unri) held a Flag Ceremony in commemoration of the birthday of Pancasila. The birthday of Pancasila evokes a sense and spirit of unity, unity, as well as providing encouragement for the nation's children to freely enjoy a prosperous life, which provides motivation to share, and becomes a source of...
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unri.ac.id "Education is a conscious and planned effort to create a learning atmosphere and learning process in such a way, so that students can develop their potential actively so that they have self-control, intelligence, skills in society, religious spiritual strength. Education can provide a change in the behavior and attitudes of a person or group of people in their efforts to mature humans through training, teaching,...
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