October 2015


www.unri.ac.id – In order for PIC operators to learn how to use WordPress-based websites and share perceptions and standards for making news and posts on the UR website, a WordPress Training will be held from Wednesday to Thursday (28-29/10). The event, which took place at the UPT TIK, Riau University, was attended by dozens of PIC Study Programs and Departments throughout the University of Riau. The two-day training was mentored by...
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www.unri.ac.id – Saturday (24/10) the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Riau (FISIP-UR) held an alumni General Conference (FISIP-UR) at the Ballroom of Grand Central Hotel Pekanbaru. The event was attended by hundreds of participants from various alumni from the class of 1983 to 2011. Deby, as the chairman of the Mubes committee, in his speech expressed his gratitude to the alumni who were present on...
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www.unri.ac.id – This is different from the implementation of the University of Riau Graduation for the period of October 2015. In the previous period, UR held a graduation at the Student Activity Center (PKM) complex of the Pattimura Gobah Campus, Riau University. For the period of October 2015, the graduation was held at the Grand Gasing Millennium Building (GGM) in the Bina Widya Simpang Baru Panam Campus complex, Riau University. "Alhamdulillah, the graduation ceremony...
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Jon Erizal: “Use” Us, We will Prioritize UR. www.unri.ac.id – Saturday (17/10), UR Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Ir Aras Mulyadi DEA received a visit from H Jon Erizal SE MBA, a member of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR-RI) in the Daily Leadership Council (DPH) room ) Riau University Rectorate Building. The visit was in the framework of a friendly meeting of members of the DPR-RI with the University of...
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It is notified that all members of the University of Riau can attend and participate in the 17 Days of the Month ceremony with the following details:
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www.unri.ac.id – In conjunction with the 53rd Anniversary of the University of Riau (UR) in 2015 and the Commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the TNI, Riau University has carried out activities to preserve Riau's biodiversity in order to support local wisdom of Riau Malay culture, by conducting planting plant seeds in the area of the Bina Widya Campus, Riau University, Thursday (15/10). In accordance with UR's 53rd anniversary theme, "Universitas...
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GRADUATION ORGANIZATION BEGINS ON 19-21 OCTOBER 2015 www.unri.ac.id – Seeing the improving air conditions in Riau province, which recently had experienced very high levels of acidic pollutants which could damage respiratory health conditions, had an impact on delaying several lectures and administrative activities at the University of Riau (UR), then UR again plans to implement...
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RECTOR OF UR DOES FIRST CASTING OF BUILDING CONSTRUCTION www.unri.ac.id – “The interest of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Riau (FT-UR) is increasing year by year, while the college buildings do not have enough capacity. Many graduate students we refuse to enter FT UR, even though in terms of their passing grades, they are very sufficient. With this building, our capacity can be increased,...
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In order to realize the concept of sustainable development and disaster mitigation efforts in peatlands, collaboration and research sharing between universities and the expertise of Indonesian Civil Engineering practitioners is needed. This prompted the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Riau to hold a national seminar called the 1st Annual Civil Engineering Seminar 2015. The theme raised at the national seminar...
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