October 2018


For graduates and graduates who graduated on the 56th Milad, 40th Graduate Program Graduation, 34th Profession, 103rd Bachelor, and 44th Diploma Program, University of Riau, 10-11 October 2018, you can download PHOTOS OF THE SUBMISSION PROCESSES DIPLOMAS AND GRADUATION TOGA CASH via the following link: Graduation Period October 2018
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unri.ac.id The existence of nurses has an important meaning in an effort to realize optimal quality of health services. Its role has a significant influence, especially in participating in supporting the productivity of a nation which has implications for improving the quality of life and welfare. This was conveyed by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the University of Riau (Unri), Prof. Dr. Ir Thamrin MSc, at the Nursing Oath Ceremony for Class XXII and...
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unri.ac.id “From time to time, Unri (Riau University-ed) always wants to provide the best service within the scope of its academic administration. Among them, is in the form of achieving excellent service implementation in various student academic service activities. Next is the creation of a common perception in performing academic services, and the third is that they are both able to complete the process of validating student data at Unri.” Thereby...
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unri.ac.id. One of the weaknesses in implementing programs to improve the quality of education in Indonesia is the lack of coordination between educational institutions, both universities, schools, and institutions that focus on education, with various related parties. Departing from this, the Faculty of Education and Teacher Training, University of Riau (FKIP-Unri) and the Faculty of Tarbiyah, Islamic University of Riau (UIR), carried out coordination and...
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unri.ac.id Entering the age of 56 on October 1 2018, Universitas Riau (Unri) can be categorized as a large university. This can be seen from a number of achievements that have been made by Unri. Based on Unri's strategic goals through 4 Work Target Indicators, in the third Quarter Realization in 2018. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ir Thamrin Msc, in the Session...
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unri.ac.id Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at 08.00 to 09.30 WIB, students participating in the University of Riau (Unri) graduation for the October 2018 period will take part in a rehearsal for the Graduation ceremony which is planned to be held at the Student Activity Center (PKM) Patimura Campus Unri Gobah. The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ir Thamrin MSc, appealed to all Unri Graduation Participants to be able to...
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unri.ac.id The Riau High Prosecutor's Office (Kejati) in collaboration with the University of Riau (Unri) hosted a public lecture on legal information in front of Unri students in the Siak Sri Indrapura Multipurpose Room, IV floor, Rectorate Building, Bina Widya Unri Campus, Thursday (4/10). ). The activity with the theme "Socializing Law-Aware Campuses to Create Qualified Candidates for National Leaders" aims to...
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unri.ac.id October 1, 2018, was a historic day for the Indonesian people, where the date was set as the day of the Pancasila Sanctity which was able to thwart the plan of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) to replace it with communist ideology. Through this day of the Sanctity of Pancasila, the Indonesian people can rediscover the deep meaning of Pancasila as the nation's ideology, legal basis, and views...
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unri.ac.id The Casual Walk and Grand Reunion were the end of a series of activities in the framework of the 56th Anniversary of the University of Riau (Unri) in 2018. The activity, which was held on Sunday (30/9) in the courtyard of the Unri Rectorate Building Complex, filled with the awarding of awards to the winners of the competitions held in the framework of the Milad, the implementation of which has been carried out some time ago....
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