UR Chancellor Urges UR Officials to Make Better Changes

URNews . "Universitas Riau (UR) in October 2017, will enter the age of 55 years. This age enters the adult age group towards old age. In this condition, people really hope that UR can always advance education. The progress of education is also inseparable from the supporting elements in it. The supporters in question are educators and UR education staff.” This statement was conveyed by the Chancellor of UR, Prof. Dr. Ir Aras Mulyadi DEA in his direction when inaugurating officials in the UR environment, on Friday (29/9), in the Multipurpose Hall, Floor IV, UR Rectorate Building, Bina Widya Panam Campus, Pekanbaru.

The inaugurated officials are the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law (FH) and the Head of the Subdivision (Kasubbag) at the UR Teacher Training and Education Faculty. "At this inauguration, we inaugurated Dr Mexsasai Indra SH MH as Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs FH, Dr Hayatul Ismi SH MH as Deputy Dean for General Affairs and Finance FH, Dr Maryati Bachtiar SH MKn as Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni FH, and Margaus SPd as Head of Subdivision for Student Affairs and Alumni of the UR Faculty of Teacher Training and Education," explained Aras.


Source: Riau University Public Relations


Source: Riau University Public Relations

The Chancellor also appealed to all inaugurated officials to carry out their mandate well and to cooperate with each other for the realization of a better UR. "Let's do it according to the mandate of the tasks and functions that have been given to us to work sincerely for the progress of UR. Furthermore, through this position, it should be able to provide a new change for UR to be better in the future, "said Aras.

The Chancellor also congratulated all the new officials who were appointed, as well as for the old officials in the position. "After being inaugurated, the mandate attached to the position will be awaited by the UR academic community.

Furthermore, the Chancellor of UR, also said that the Faculty of Law is the youngest faculty to be accredited as good. The development of the law faculty is good for advancing the world of education, especially in Riau Province. "Although the faculty is the youngest, the Faculty of Law already has a Bachelor's Degree Education Program," said Aras.


Source: Riau University Public Relations

On that occasion, the Head of the General and Financial Bureau of UR, Ahyat SE delivered the ceremony of appointment, oath-taking, and handover of office, which is a form of formal activity to appoint UR officials, in order to fill office positions, office promotions, and office transfers for the Civil Apparatus National (ASN). "At today's appointment, we are appointing an office to fill the department, as well as the promotion of the department that is in the Work Unit that is in UR."

Today's inauguration was attended by leaders in the Rectorate, Faculties, Units, Institutions, Agencies, in UR. The event was closed by congratulating the appointed officials from all the invited guests present. (wendy) ***