Deputy Chief of Police of Riau: Beware of Radical Disturbance, To Support Riau's Development Deputy Chief of Police (Wakapolda) Riau, Brigadier General of Police (Brigjen-Pol) Drs Wahyu Widada M Phil became a resource person at a public lecture for students of the Faculty of Law and Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Riau University (Unri), Wednesday (28 /11) in the Siak Sri Indrapura Room, Fourth Floor, Rectorate Building, Binawidya Campus.

This public lecture is intended as a reference material for students and anyone who wants to understand the function of the police in supporting the national stability program, both in the general public and in the academic environment. “As the next generation of the nation, we should have the spirit and national insight to be a partner of the Riau Police . This is done in order to increase deterrence, deterrence, countermeasures, and rehabilitation capabilities against various types of radical disturbances in order to support Riau's development," Wahyu explained.

“Regarding the issue of diversity, the national situation is strongly influenced by international and regional developments. The issue of diversity and intolerance suddenly became the attention of all parties. The integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia ( NKRI ) is being tested through the momentum of the democratic party, law enforcement, and foreign relations," he said.

Source: PR University of Riau

Source: PR University of Riau

Furthermore, Indonesian people, especially netizens on social media, seem to be polarized into several groups. This polarization, whether we realize it or not, is a legacy of the democratic party event some time ago and is now starting to warm up again. Then it developed into a polarization of community groups who supported the government, and those who did not.

“The situation is getting more complicated when the event of a democratic party through this election seems to be a stepping stone to continue the polarization of support. The development of social media with its netizens has become a showcase for how the political situation has a strong influence on the way of thinking of some Indonesians. The national situation is colored by religious, ethnic and racial issues that are very vulnerable to the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and the spirit of diversity that has been maintained so far," he concluded.

Unri Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Dr. Syapsan ME, this public lecture is very important and needed to add insight to Unri students. Student activities at this time are quite good where this year Unri won 70 gold medals in the form of national and international which are poured in the form of research and non-research activities.

Source: PR University of Riau

"In addition to the medals, in the field of sports, Unri got ninth place, while Menwa (student regiment- ed ) got first place in the knife throwing competition and also in the form of dismantling weapons. Meanwhile, for the MTQ ( Mushabaqah Tilawatil Qur'aned ) level, Unri is ranked second at the Asean level,” explained Syapsan.

Furthermore, UNRI as a university at Unri continues to improve student creativity in the form of research and non-research to remain competitive with other universities, said Syapsan. (wendi.foto:m.rizki.rizki son) ***