Unri Welcoming the Industrial Revolution 4.0

unri.ac.id In order to respond to the development of the industrial revolution era 4.0, the University of Riau (Unri) always plays an active role in developing the latest innovations in the industrial sector. This active role is proven in the form of implementing research results at Unri.

Dodi Sofyan Arif ST MT, said that in the world of steel industry or other engineering materials, it certainly cannot be separated from a joining process or so on. Whether it's for connection with wood, steel or other materials. However, in the field of steel construction, a metal joining process is specifically required using a welding machine, and the most widely used is electric welding or SMAW ( Shield Metal Arc Welding-red ) welding.


Source: PR University of Riau

SMAW welding is a metal joining process that uses heat energy to melt the workpiece and electrodes ( filler material). Thermal energy in the SMAW welding process is generated due to the electric ion jumps (cathode and anode- red ) that occur at the tip of the electrode and the surface of the material," explained Dodi.

Dodi further explained that in the SMAW welding process, the type of shield used is a flux membrane on the electrode. The flux on the SMAW electrode serves to protect the weld metal that melts during the welding process. This flux will become slag when it is solid.

“In the SMAW welding process, there are three types or types of welding machines, namely AC, DC and AC/DC welding machines. All types of welding machines have their respective advantages and disadvantages, while for automatic welding SMAW or SMAW welding, the AC type is used," explained this Unri Engineering Lecturer.


Source: PR University of Riau


Source: PR University of Riau

“This tool is an innovation of the automatic welding process. By using the Arduino Uno control where we can adjust several welding elements constantly and it is safer for the health of the welding operator and this tool is easy to use and operate, "added Dodi.

On the same occasion, Unri Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Ir Aras Mulyadi DEA, said the fourth generation industrial revolution was marked by the emergence of supercomputers, smart robots, genetic editing and the development of innovations in the latest industrial sectors.

“In this fourth generation industrial era, the size of the university is not a guarantee, but the agility of the university as a university is the key to success in achieving achievements quickly. Therefore, universities must be sensitive and carry out self-introspection so that they are able to detect their position and respond wisely in the midst of the development of science and technology," said Aras.


Source: PR University of Riau

"Therefore, Unri always tries to make breakthroughs in the development of the latest science and technology to refresh the changes in industrial innovation," said the Chancellor during the 2018 National Working Meeting of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Rakernas-Kemenristekdikti) in Medan North Sumatra, January 16-17 2018.

At the 2018 Kemenristekdikti National Working Meeting, Unri also displayed its research product in the form of Shield Metal Arc Welding at the 2018 Kemenristekdikti National Working Meeting companion exhibition activity. (wendi. photo: riski) ***