The Importance of Increasing Faculty's Human Resources Capability for University Progress In improving the quality and quality through improving facilities and infrastructure at the faculties at the University of Riau (Unri), various program activities are arranged to support teaching and learning activities at Unri. In the presentation session of the faculty program plan at the Development Plan Deliberation (Musrenbang), last February 14, 2018 at the Harmoni One Hotel and Convention Center Batam, Riau Islands, the faculty leaders at Unri conveyed various activities to be carried out at the Faculty in 2019.

"The advancement of a faculty or university is in its Human Resources (HR)." This was conveyed by Dr Syamsu Dhuha, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) Unri.

Furthermore, Dhuha, conveyed that the number of lecturers who are entering retirement has become a concern for a number of faculties at Unri, moreover, it is not matched by the entry of new lecturers who are actually fresh graduates . This issue will certainly have an impact on the ratio of lecturers to students which will experience a huge gap, these lecturers are university assets that must be a priority concern.


Source: PR University of Riau

"Therefore, FMIPA will again examine the sustainability of the availability of educators at the faculty, of course in order to increase the accreditation of departments to encourage university accreditation," said Dhuha.

In line with Dhuha, Prof. Dr. Usman M Tang MS, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, “Accreditation is an indicator of the quality of a university, be it a State University (PTN) or a Private University (PTS) as well as an indicator of a study program in each faculty. ”

Currently, Unri has 10 faculties and one Postgraduate Program with a total of 91 study programs ranging from Diploma (D3) Undergraduate (S1), Postgraduate (S2) to Doctoral programs.

"Of the 91 study programs, there are still study programs that have C accreditation, for that he encourages study programs that are still accredited C to change to B and so on, study programs that are still accredited B change to A, to increase university accreditation," he said.


Source: PR University of Riau

“The role of the faculty also continues to encourage an increase in the number of undergraduate (S1), Postgraduate (S2) study programs to Doctoral programs. In addition, an increase in the number of scientific works and student achievements is very much needed to improve the credit of faculties and universities," said Syafri Harto, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.

The presentation delivered by Dr. Ari Sandhiavitri, MSc Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, conveyed the need for rejuvenation of teaching and learning infrastructure such as classrooms to laboratory equipment. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to improving the quality of employee work in services to making student service applications. (wendi.foto:rizki)***