Saturday, Jan 22, 2022

Symbol Of Riau University


Form of Lancang Kuning in pentagon , the understanding of the following:
• Five Aspects/pentagon means Pancasila
• Basic color moss green that is the potential to grow and develop
• The leaves of the tree of life means to grow up eternal life
• The golden yellow color means the full glory and majesty
• The number of small leaves of the tree of life means that the date one
• The number of large leaves life ten strands means that October
• The number of large lotus leaf six sheets means the sixties and the number of small lotus leaves two pieces means the unit number two which is symbolizes 1962
• Boat yellow means ark noble struggle
• Pillar yellow screen means the establishment of a solid and strong
• The leaves of the lotus (padma) clean white color means subtlety and humanity
• Sea ocean and waves means describe the faculties which implement the Tri Dharma College