Unri Graduate Certificates for the Period 18-19 March 2020 Can Be Obtained At Each Faculty

unri.ac.id Riau University (Unri) has determined the postponement of the graduation ceremony which should have been scheduled for March 18-19, 2020, to the next scheduled date for implementation. This is related to the disastrous spread of Covid-19 in a number of areas in Riau Province.

In connection with the postponement of the graduation, Unri continues to distribute diplomas to graduation participants who are experiencing delays in the implementation of the Graduation period 18-19 March 2020. This was determined by the Unri Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ir Aras Mulyadi DEA and conveyed through the Unri Deputy Chancellor for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. M Nur Mustafa MPd, Monday (23/2) to the Unrinews editor.

"Graduation participants who experience delays in the implementation of the Graduation period 18-19 March 2020, we will still distribute their diplomas through their respective faculties in accordance with applicable regulations. There are as many as 2475 Unri graduates who have delayed graduation in the period 18-19 March 2020, "explained M Nur.

Previously, the policy of delaying the graduation ceremony was a step to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and follow up on the Circular Letter of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia Number 3 of 2020 concerning the Prevention of Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) in Education Units, which was outlined in the Chancellor's Circular No. 2/UN19/SE/2020 regarding the Prevention of the Spread of the Corona Virus in the Unri environment. Circular issued on Sunday 15 March 2020.

In line with M Nur, Head of the Academic and Student Affairs Bureau, Azhar Kasymi SH, said that the graduation certificates for the period 18-19 March 2020 can be done through their respective faculties, while the schedule for the graduation ceremony is waiting for further policies through the agreement of all leadership elements in the environment. Unri.

“Even though it is postponed, the diploma can still be distributed first. So that it can be directly used for their respective needs, both for applying for work and continuing their studies. The diploma-taking mechanism can be carried out since March 18, 2020 by directly visiting the certificate handing officer at the respective faculty, with the condition that the certificate must be taken by the relevant graduate who has been declared graduated. Submission of the diploma cannot be done through a representative by another person to take it. Meanwhile, the pick-up time is carried out during the working hours that have been set at the respective faculties, "explained Azhar.

Azhar, again reminded graduates to take their diplomas at their respective faculties and cannot be represented. And when taking a diploma at the faculty, you can apply standard procedures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, such as the use of masks, maintaining distance in crowds, washing hands, and maintaining endurance through adequate rest and eating healthy food.

Since the development of the spread of Covid-19 in Riau Province, Unri in carrying out lectures using the Online (On the Network) method, namely the application of Distance Lectures (PJJ) using platforms such as: Google Class Room , Learning Management System (LMS), or other social media until time limit to be determined later.

“Similarly, the implementation of practicum in the laboratory, workshop, and field is carried out with assignments and still paying attention to standard operational procedures for practicum lectures. Field lectures (PKL) are suspended until a time limit will be determined later, the implementation of final project guidance and final exams will continue to be carried out on the platform determined by the respective faculty leaders, All student activities are suspended until a deadline that will be determined later, "added Azhar. (wendi. photo: doc) ***

source: riau university public relations

Azhar Kasimi SH (source: public relations unri)

Prof. Dr M Nur Mustafa MPd (source: public relations unri)