Vice Rector I Chairs UR Academic Data Synchronization Meeting Vice Chancellor I (Academic Affairs) University of Riau (UR), Prof. Dr. Ir Thamrin MSc, Friday (11/3) morning, led a Meeting on Solutions for Equalizing Perceptions for Calculation of Number of Students and Other Data, which was held in the Meeting Room of UPT Information and Communication Technology UR.

The meeting was attended by 55 participants, consisting of Deputy Dean I, Head of Academic Subdivision, and Academic Information System (SIA) operators from all faculties, PSIK and Postgraduate Programs. Also present were the Head of the General Affairs and Finance Bureau, Dra Rilza Yetti MSi and his staff, and the Head of the Academic and Student Administration Bureau, Drs Masri.

meeting photo #1

Meeting on Solutions for Equalizing Perceptions for Calculation of the Number of Students and Other Data (photo: UPT TIK UR)

Head of UR UPT ICT, Ir Ridar Hendri MSi said the meeting was aimed at synchronizing student academic data, which is still not the same between UPT ICT as the estuary of academic databases, with data from the rectorate and faculties. At the meeting, the UPT TIK explained the causes of data discrepancies, and the solutions for their resolution.

Prof. Thamrin requested that all relevant parties at UR, especially SIA data operators in faculties, immediately update the data, and dispose of waste data. This means that there should be no more data on those who have graduated, but are still recorded as active students.

“This is important because the state auditor will calculate the amount of tuition fees, based on the number of active students. If the student has dropped out (DO) or has neglected his studies, but is still listed in the database as an active student, it will certainly make it difficult for UR Finance, "he said.

Several responses from the Vice Deans I, reflect that there are still rules that must be made and enforced, in order to discipline the updating of data by operators in faculties.

However, Prof. Thamrin gave a deadline for the faculties to submit clean data, especially student data for 2015, until Saturday (12/3) afternoon. (rdh/upt-tik)