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Tenaga Kependidikan

UNRI Memiliki 10 fakultas yang menyelenggarakan program sarjana, pascasarjana, profesi, serta diploma. 

Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program can be followed by SMA/SMK/MA/MAK graduates, has a study load of 144-160 credits and can be taken within 8-14 semesters.

Graduate program

UNRI offers advanced study programs at the postgraduate and postgraduate levels which are held in faculties and postgraduate schools.

Professional Program

Professional programs are intended for graduates of certain study programs as a condition for obtaining a professional degree.


As a World Class Research University, Riau University pays special attention to research activities and encourages lecturers and students to conduct and develop various research oriented to meet the needs of the nation.


UNRI has been consistently and systematically since its founding in 1962, struggling with the people to the grassroots to build and prosper Indonesia. UNRI continues to encourage increasing the quantity and quality of research-based community service in Indonesia and internationally with the principles of sustainable development. UNRI is gradually building community service leadership in the international community, among others, to disseminate both Indonesian and humanitarian values.


About UNRI

Has also produced superior human resources at the higher education level since 1962, both in Riau Province and on a national scale. Improving and strengthening the competitiveness of human resources through the tri dharma of higher education: education & teaching, research, and community service. Contribute to meeting technological needs, creating jobs, regional and national economic growth. Provide and regulate funding for the provision of educational facilities and infrastructure as well as the implementation of education in accordance with the highest quality standards.


To produce students with global insight and integrity based on the values of Pancasila.


UNRI alumni are spread across various regions, taking part at national and global levels.